MicroSteed Nutrition Management and Ration Evaluation Software for Horses

Developed by Kentucky Equine Research (KER), MicroSteed simplifies the evaluation of equine diets. The program uses an exact description of the horse to determine its nutrient requirements, and then allows the user to compare the horse’s requirements to the current feeding program. Its specially designed graphs and tables allow easy visual determination of how each ration component contributes to the diet and to the horse’s requirement for each nutrient.

The answer to "Is my horse getting what it needs?"

MicroSteed can be used for horses of any age to ensure their nutritional needs for growth, performance, maintenance, and reproduction are met. Rich features allow the user to record weights, comments, and photos for each horse.

Once a horse’s description is entered to create its unique record, the user selects the different feedstuffs in the ration from a menu of forages, grains, feeds, and supplements, and then enters the daily intake of each. MicroSteed compares the recommended daily nutrient intake to the actual intake of nutrients in the horse’s diet and displays this data in tabular and graphical formats.

Creating a nutritional history

As you record your horse’s weight, create rations to evaluate their nutritional adequacy, and enter comments on your horse’s performance over time, a historical record is created. Because weight and body condition are often correlated to optimal performance, growth, and fertility, the program allows users to record and track weight over time and assign a target weight to the horse.

Aside from having an impact on a horse’s fitness and ability to perform, it is also important to know your horse’s weight for veterinary purposes as many drugs and dewormers are administered based on the weight of the individual. This information can also be extremely useful from one competition or breeding season to the next.

Who can use MicroSteed?

Traditionally, MicroSteed has been a PC-based software program used by the professionals at Kentucky Equine Research, our feed-manufacturing partners, and select veterinarians and consultants. This platform allows for advanced ration evaluation and diet manipulation. For more information about MicroSteed software, contact [email protected].

MicroSteed Online

In order to provide horse managers with an easy-to-use, accessible method to obtain the best nutritional options for their horses, KER has taken MicroSteed online. The web based MicroSteed Ration Wizard allows users to describe their horse and its management, and the wizard then provides appropriate feed choices from the chosen producer. Finally, a suggested ration is provided. The MicroSteed Ration Wizard takes the guesswork out of choosing the appropriate feed and intake rate for your horse. Additionally, users can request help with their ration and interact with equine feed specialists or KER staff and obtain a more customized ration when needed.